DSN-A Vital Role to Diabetes Treatment

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What is DSN?

DSN or Diabetes Specialist Nurse is “a trained nurse with special expertise in the care and treatment of diabetes, a DSN can be an invaluable source of information, advice and support, for example if you have to start using insulin, if your blood sugar becomes uncontrolled or if other health problems emerge that complicate your diabetes.” (saga.co.uk)

Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Tracy Bushell at the Barbados Diabetes Foundation gave her presentation during the Insulin Workshop on 2nd Day of Diabetes Conference.

In her presentation, Ms. Bushell focused on the correct way of administering insulin.

Here are some of the areas which she highlighted in her presentation

  • Insulin should be injected at room temperature
  • Abdomen is the best place to inject insulin
  • Insulin should be injected at 90 degree angle
  • Pinching of skin is not necessary
  • Insulin should not be injected in the arms
  • Insulin should be injected into fat not muscle
  • Needles should be changed ever 1-3 injections


Other areas covered by DSN Bushell were “examining pattern fasting, pre-/post meals, hypoglycemia and causes for insulin changes”.

UK based DSN Jo McBride also participated in the workshop with DSN at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kevamae Sobers as chair.

For more information, please contact Barbados Diabetes Foundation at 417-5980.





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