Ideal Protein: Ideal Diet Program?

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More Than A Diet, A Change of Life

We have all been on a diet at some point of our lives.  We may have lost weight while being on this diet. But are we still on this diet today? Probably not.   At the 2nd Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference, Hibiscus Health Caribbean Inc had a chat with the President of Ideal Nutrition West Indies, Fabiola Leconte about her program.

According to Ms. Leconte, the Canadian based company worked closely with a medical practitioner and the patient is also monitored by Ideal Protein team.

How it Works?

Ideal Protein is “more than a product, it is a method”.  It is “4 phase program” which gives clients “a complete approach to weight management”.  Their program provides food to their clients which are not available in your supermarket.  Each product provided by the company is specially formulated for their clients.  It consist of “3 protein meals (Breakfast, Lunch, snack), this includes 4 cups of vegetables and selected salad”.  The diet is “low carb and low fat”.  However, Ms. Leconte warned that the diet is not for everyone.

“This diet is not for persons with medical complications e.g. kidney or liver damage”, said Ms. Leconte.

As a result, persons who go on the diet will be closely supervised by a doctor.    Eventually, the patient will be weaned off the foods of ideal protein and eat regular food but continuing to follow the general education given on nutrition and healthy habits.

For more information

Fabiola Leconte


Ideal Nutrition West Indies

Contact Ms. Leconte at 226-978-5941








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