A look at our Sponsors-Diabetes Conference 2016

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Ms. Petra Bridgemohan (Trinidad) and representative from Zeiss (Silver Sponsor).


Bryden Stokes


Brand Manager, Angela Gay, Bryden Stokes at her company’s booth.




Sanofi representative chatting with one of the participants at the 2nd Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference.  They are suppliers of Lantus pen, a popular insulin pen (injectable) used by many diabetics in Barbados.


Ideal Protein booth with their low calorie snack on display.   The Canadian company hopes to share their diet program in Barbados.



Abbott’s representative showing some of the company’s product.  It is the supplier of meal replacement beverage, Ensure and Glucerna, a shake specially formulated for people with diabetes to keep their blood sugar at a safe level.  Juven, a powder drink was also on display which promotes tissue growth for those who recently had surgery or injury.  All products are available at most supermarkets and head office, Pharmacy Sales in Warrens, St. Michael.



One of their flagship products, Diamicron MR 60 is one primary drugs used in the care of people diabetes. Here Servier representative shows some information on their product.  Servier also was one of our Bronze sponsors for the 2nd Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference.



Here Tamara Alleyne, Merck representative handing out some of the literature from her table to participants at the 2nd Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference.

Boehringer Ingelheim


Adrian Hinds, Boehringer Ingelheim’s representative discussing some of the products offered by his company.



















Day 1 Diabetes Conference Photo Gallery

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Evening Session-Psychological/Behavioural Issues

Chairman- Janelle Chase-Mayers

At the table- (From the left) Dr. Tracy Van Oss, Occupational Therapist, Dr. Kaprea Hoquee, Professor of Counselling, Ian Trotman, Physical Therapist, Stevi Rehncy, Occupational Therapist, Tiana Loveless, Occupational Therapist



Dr. Tracy Van Oss, Occupational Therapist, Quinnipiac University, USA and colleague, Bridget Nadal.



Dr. Hugh T. Jones, endocrinologist, UK giving his presentation on “Testosterone and Diabetes in Men – What Lies Beneath”.

Registration Booth at the 2nd Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference.


More of the health professionals at the 2nd Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference.


Ideal Protein representatives showing some of their healthy snacks used in their diet program.


Angela Gay, representative from Brydens Stokes booth.


Dr. Kaprea Hoquee, Professor of Counselling at Old Dominion University giving her presentation on 1st day of 2nd Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference.


Dr. Kim Jebodsingh, Opthalmologist  giving her presentation on the “The Many Ways That Diabetes Affects The Eye”.




Dr. Goddard’s View on Obesity in Barbados

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$1.3m. towards child obesity fight

June Events-All About Diabetes

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June 16 Thursday @ 7 p.m.

Public Lecture: “Obesity: A Family Disease”

Main Speaker: Helene Charlebois, Canadian Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Consultant

Location: Barbados Diabetes Foundation, Warrens, St. Michael

Admission: Free

Seating Limited

Contact: Barbados Diabetes Foundation -417-5890


June 18-19 (All Day)

2nd Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference

Title: “Digging Deeper-More than Meets the Eye”

Location: The Savannah Hotel, Hastings, Christ Church

Admission: Varies

Visit Eventbrite.com to book your tickets

BDF Conference Flyer_8.5w x 11h_2016_2


June 19 @ 7 p.m.

Sweetness Concert

Title: Sweetness

Location: The Plantation Theatre, Christ Church

Visit Ticketpal.com or Barbados Diabetes Foundation for your your tickets

BDF Sweetness Concert Flyer_8x11_Promo

More than Meet The Eye Speaker Profile

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Profile Dr. Petra Bridgemohan (Trinidad & Tobago)

Presenting at 2nd Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference

The Savannah Hotel

June 19 Day 2

The Importance of Screening and Results of Diabetes/Glaucoma Studies in Trinidad


Facts about Dr. Bridgemohan

  1. She started her training in optometry in 1980s.
  2. She is a life member of The Blind Welfare Association
  3. Dr. Bridgemohan has hosted World Sight Days in collaboration with PAHO.
  4. She has published several research articles “retrospective research  on cataract  surgery outcomes  at the ERHA  ophthalmology”
  5. She was appointed as the  region’s  first   Distance  learning tutor  for  UK  dispensing  college  at  The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO).

What is an optometrist?

Previously known as ophthalmic opticians, optometrists are primary health care specialists trained to examine the eyes to detect defects in vision, signs of injury, ocular diseases or abnormality and problems with general health.

A detailed examination of the eye can reveal conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Optometrists make a health assessment, offer clinical advice and when necessary prescribe spectacles or contact lenses. In addition, optometrists can dispense, fit and supply spectacles or contact lenses.

They also supervise trainee optometrists and dispensing opticians, and medical students. They must supervise dispensing to patients under the age of 16 or who are registered as sight impaired unless this is being supervised by a dispensing optician, doctor or another optometrist. This is also the case for trainee optometrists, medical students or dispensing opticians training to be contact lens opticians.

Prof H. Jones: Testosterone Therapy Improving Men’s Diabetic Health

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Click link below to see more on Prof. Hugh Jones’ research


Here are some interesting research on Testosterone Therapy and its Treatment of Men and Diabetes

Media Release : Increase in deaths in men with type 2 diabetes and testosterone deficiency may be prevented by testosterone replacement

Society of Endocrinology 

Testing was done on “587 men with type 2 diabetes, splitting them into three groups: those with normal total testosterone levels (above 10.4nmol/L, n=338), those with low testosterone levels (below 10.4nmol/L) that weren’t treated with testosterone replacement therapy (n=182), and those with low testosterone levels treated with testosterone replacement therapy for two years or more during the follow up period (n=58).”

Research Period: 6 years

‘This is the first study to show testosterone treatment can improve survival in men with type 2 diabetes and testosterone deficiency. Further studies now need to be carried out to fully investigate the potential therapeutic benefit of testosterone replacement in diabetic men with low testosterone.

A Look at Dr. Kim Jebodsingh

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In 2012, Dr. Kim Jebodsingh, Professor in Ophthalmology from the University of Toronto came to Barbados to speak on the topic, “The Challenges Of Congenital Ptosis”.    She did “her fellowship at the University of Toronto to become the first American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery-trained resident oculoplastic surgeon in the Caribbean”.

What is Ophthalmology? 

According to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, ophthalmology is “branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the eye and visual system. The eye, its surrounding structures and the visual system can be affected by a number of clinical conditions. Ophthalmology involves diagnosis and therapy of such conditions, along with microsurgery”.