Key Note Speaker: Anne Belton, RN

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The Barbados Diabetes Foundation is proud to welcome keynote speaker Anne Belton, RN to the 1st Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference in Barbados!
Here’s a peak at who she is and the tremendous work she has done:


Ms Anne Belton from Canada is a diabetes nurse educator and education consultant. She is a Vice-President of the International Diabetes Federation for 2013-15. She was an IDF Vice-President for 2009-12 and has been a member of the Federation’s Consultative Section on Education since 2000.
Ms Belton managed the Diabetes Education Centres (DEC) at the William Osler Health Centre for many years, one of which was the first DEC in Canada to be recognized as meeting the Canadian Standards for Diabetes Education. She has been recognized for her dedication and commitment to people with diabetes, winning several awards including the Canadian Diabetes Educator of the Year in 1992 and the Charles H. Best Award in 1999. She is currently at the Michener Institute in Toronto coordinating and teaching education programs for Health Professionals, both in Canada and internationally.
As a member of the International Diabetes Federation Consultative Section on Diabetes Education, she has chaired the 2003 revision of the International Standards for Diabetes Education, the development (2002) and revision (2008) of the International Curriculum for Health Professional Education in Diabetes and the Diabetes Education Modules (2006) and revision (2011) to accompany the Curriculum.
She has co-authored two books, The How to of Patient Education, now in its 2nd edition (2010), written to help Health Professionals develop their teaching skills, and Diabetes in Adults (2009), a publication for people with diabetes and their families.

2015 Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference Speaker List

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Our schedule is almost full!
The 1st Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference will feature a host of speakers from Barbados, with special guests from Canada, the USA and the UK!
Regional and International Speakers
Anne Belton, Nurse Educator, Vice President, International Diabetes Federation (Canada)
Jeanette Fenner, Registered Dietitian (Canada)
Dr. Kester Nedd, Neurologist (USA)
Dr. Dale Maharaj, Vascular Surgeon (Trinidad)
Dr. Charles Pierce, Ophthalmologist (UK)
 Local (Barbados) Speakers
Dr. Diane Brathwaithe, Diabetologist; Dr. Jerry Emtage, Urologist
Dr. Sahle Griffith, Bariatric Surgeon; Dr. Harley Moseley, Physiatrist
Dr. Toni Nicholls, Neuropsychologist; Simone McConnie, Podiatrist; Dr. Carlisle Goddard Endocrinologist; Dr. Nya Maughn, Psychiatrist; Mr. Selwyn Ferdinand, Surgeon;
Dr. Charles Taylor, Diabetologist; Mr. Ram Khoday, Prosthetist;
Dr. Adrian Waterman, Anaesthetist, Pain Specialist
Dr. Vikash Chatrani, Gynae-Oncologist
Phyllis Burnett, Physiotherapist
Draft Topics and Speakers’ List
 Times will be confirmed at a later date.
Day 1 June 13, 2015 Topic Speaker
  Opening Address Hon. John Boyce, Minister of Health – Barbados
  Key Note Speech –

“Diabetes – A Global Issue”

Anne Belton, Nurse Educator, Vice President, International Diabetes Federation
Multidisciplinary Sessions Updates from the American Diabetes Association To Be Announced
  Early Successes of Multidisciplinary Care in Barbados Dr. Diane Brathwaithe, Diabetologist, Clinical Director, Barbados Diabetes Foundation
  When To Refer: Does My Patient Need A Specialist? To Be Announced
  The Multidisciplinary Care Team – Who Are They? To Be Announced
  DSN – Really? Misconceptions and Suspicions of the Diabetes Specialist Nurse Tracey Bushell, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Kevamae Sobers, Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Diabetic Foot Exercise for Limb Preservation Ms. Phyllis Burnett, Physiotherapist
  Wound Care – The Basics Mr. Selwyn Ferdinand, Consultant Surgeon
  International Guidelines on Diabetic Foot Simone McConnie, Podiatrist
  Pre and Post Amputation – The Prosthetist’s Role Mr. Ram Khoday, Prosthetist
  The Role of the Amputee Clinic in Diabetic Foot Care Dr. Harley Moseley, Physiatrist
Psychological Effects Barriers to Self-Management – A Psychiatric Perspective Dr. Nya Maughn, Psychiatrist
  Neuropsychological Function & Diabetes: Effects & Interventions Dr. Toni Nicholls, Neuropsychologist
  Sleep Disorders in Diabetics To Be Announced
Diabetic Complications 1 Renal Disease – Early Detection, Management & Prevention To Be Announced
  Urologic Complications of Diabetes Dr. Jerry Emtage, Urologist
  Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Dr. Charles Pierce, Ophthalmologist, UK
  Glaucoma, Cataract & Other Ocular Issues in Diabetes To Be Announced
  Oral Manifestations and Systemic Disease To Be Announced
Day 2 June 14, 2015 Topic Speaker
Diabetic Complications 2 Updates in Drug Treatment: Combination Therapy & More AstraZeneca Sponsored Speaker
  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: The Cousin of Diabetes? Dr. Vikash Chatrani, Gynae-Oncologist
  HBa1c as a Predictor of Organ Failure in Diabetes Dr. Kester Nedd, Neurologist
  Surgical Complications To Be Announced
Vascular Disease Peripheral Artery Disease: Early Diagnosis & Treatment Dr. Dale Maharaj, Vascular Surgeon, Trinidad
  Vascular Disease in the Diabetic Patient To Be Announced
Diabetic Neuropathy The Management of Diabetic Neuropathy from a Pharmacological Perspective Dr. Adrian Waterman, Anaesthetist, Pain Specialist
  Neuropathic Pain in the Diabetic Patient – A Panel Discussion Mixed Panel: Dr. Kester Nedd,  Neurologist; Physiatrist; Anaesthetist
Prevention & Intervention Reversing Diabetes Barbados Diabetes Reversal Study
  Bariatric Surgery: The Solution? Dr. Sahle Griffith, Surgeon
  Perspectives on Medical Nutrition Therapy Jeanette Fenner, Registered Dietitian, Canada
  Nutrition for Optimal Wound Care Jeanette Fenner, Registered Dietitian, Canada
  Clinical Inertia of Insulin Dr. Charles Taylor, Diabetologist
  Topic To Be Announced Ministry of Health, Barbados
  Diabetes Education: Changing Practice Anne Belton, Nurse Educator, Vice President, International Diabetes Federation

1st Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference in Barbados!!!

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The Barbados Diabetes Foundation is proud to present the 1st Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference on June 13-14, 2015 at the Barbados Hilton Hotel.
Multidisciplinary diabetes care is a team approach to providing diabetes support, education and intervention.
Under the theme “Moving Forward Together: The First Steps Toward Multidisciplinary Care” the  conference will bring together a host of local, regional and international health professionals, all key players in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. From endocrinology to interventional cardiology, from wound care to the latest in drug therapy the conference is designed not only to inform but to empower, giving health professionals the tools they need to mitigate the effects of diabetes. Along with updates from the American Diabetes Association the conference will feature a high-level of clinical education design involving e-learning modules, case-based authentic exercises and blended learning as we incorporate the most up-to-date methods in health education. Post-conference, there will be a public lecture embracing our ultimate target – the community. This maximizes the outreach and impact of the event increasing the value for all involved. Barbados welcomes the top Caribbean and International diabetes practitioners to its sunny shores for the best in networking and knowledge-sharing.
The Barbados Diabetes Foundation invites sponsors, speakers, participants and stakeholders to join us for the 1st Annual Multidisciplinary Diabetes Conference as we move forward together, taking the first steps toward multidisciplinary care! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!