Programme June 18 -19, 2016

Updated Schedule for Diabetes Conference June 18- Day 1

Please note that some sessions will be held concurrently.  Please see information below for clarification.


Time Session Category Title Speaker
900 Opening Session Digging Deeper – More Than Meets the Eye Key Note Speech: Testosterone and Diabetes in Men – What Lies Beneath; Speech – MOH Professor Hugh Jones, Endocrinologist, UK; Hon. John Boyce, Minister of Health
930 Session 1: A Local Perspective- Digging Deeper Digging Deeper: Pre-Diabetes – Not a Benign Condition Dr. Diane Brathwaithe, Diabetologist, Clinical Director, Diabetes Centre
1000 Session 2: A Local Perspective- Digging Deeper Paediatric Screening – Is There A Role For This in Barbados? Dr. Michelle Lashley, Paediatrician
1030 Session 3: A Local Perspective- Digging Deeper Clinical Updates Dr. Colette George, Endocrinologist
1100 Q & A
1115 Coffee Break
Diabetic Foot/ Surgery/ Neuropathy Chair Person: Professor David Corbin
1130 Session 4 Diabetic Foot/ Surgery/ Neuropathy Osteomyelitis in the Diabetic Foot Dr. Christopher Blanco, Podiatric Surgeon, USA
1200 Session 5 Diabetic Foot/ Surgery/ Neuropathy Diabetic Neuropathy Professor David Corbin, Neurologist
1230 Session 6 Diabetic Foot/ Surgery/ Neuropathy The Neuropathic Foot Neurologist, Amor Forde, Dr. Christopher Blanco, Podiatric Surgeon
100 Q & A
115 Lunch
Paediatric Session Challenges in the Management of Type 1 Diabetes – A Multidisciplinary Approach Chair Person: Dr. Michele Lashley, Paediatrician
215 Session 7 Paediatric Challenges in insulin delivery and glucose monitoring in the school aged child in Barbados- whats new Dr. Tania Gibson, Paediatric Endocrinoloigst
235 Session 9 Paediatric The role of the nurse educator in the out patient management of diabetes/ sick days treatment Ms. Jo McBride, DSN, UK
255 Session 11 Paediatric What is “carb counting”? Does it matter? Tracey Bushelle, DSN
315 Panel/ Q & A Panel Discussion Challenges in the Management of Type 1 Diabetes – A Multidisciplinary Approach & Patients’ Perspectives Panel of Presenters
345 Coffee Break
400 Session 13 Health Business/ Insurance Symposium Health Coverage & Diabetes: Exploring the Challenges of Screening, Prevention, Treatment & Insurance Mr. Lennox Prescod, Health & Wellness Consultant, Patients, Medical Professionals, Insurance Professionals
500PM End of Event ; Meet & Greet Cocktail Recetion
Time Session Category Title Speaker
Psychological/ Behavioural Session Chair Person: Janelle Chase-Mayers, Family Therapist
215 Session 8 Interprofessional Collaboration/ Mental Health Getting to the Heart of Diabetes Using Interprofessional Collaboration & Mental Health Dr. Kaprea Hoquee, Professor of Counselling, Old Dominion University, UK
235 Session 10 Physical Activity Physical activity and diabetes: An application of the Theory of Planned Behavior to explain physical activity for type 2 diabetes in an adult population in the nation state of Barbados. Ian Trotman, Physical Therapist
255 Session 12 Occupational Therapy The Value of OT to Promote Wellness in Persons with Diabetes Prof Tracy Van Oss, Occupational Therapist & Quinnipiac University Team, USA
315 Panel Discussion Promoting Wellness and Change: Considerations for the MDT Mental Health & Systemic Approach Panel of Presenters
345 Coffee Break