Remembering Dr. Oscar Jordan


Dr. Oscar Jordan, the man who created national awareness about diabetes and hypertension in Barbados has passed at age 77 on June 4.  According to local reports, he had lost his battle with cancer.

Remembering A National Treasure

Dr. Oscar Jordan was a distinguished alumnus of The Lodge School and a Barbados Scholar.   But it is his dedicated work in diabetes research and advocacy which will be engraved on his epitaph.

Dr. Jordan wore many hats; he was husband, father of three, dedicated doctor, director, golfer, Bridge player but he will be mostly remembered for his role as Chairman of the Barbados Diabetes Foundation.  It is a role he held until his resignation in March, 2016.

About the Foundation 

The Barbados Diabetes Foundation which was formed in 2001 was the “crown jewel” of Dr. Jordan’s illustrious career. Once located in Belleville, in a small office, The Barbados Diabetes Foundation found it final home in Warrens, St. Michael when the Maria Holder Centre for The Caribbean opened its doors in February, 2014.   The aim of the Centre is to provide holistic treatment to persons with diabetes and their families. Patients who visited the clinic were able to see several professionals in a single visit. Podiatry, Medical Services, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Counselling (Psychiatry), exercise are available at the medical institution.  In addition to this, Dr. Jordan’s team also included Dr. Karen Bynoe, the Late Dr. Charles Taylor and Dr. Maddy Murphy who also played their respective roles in the Barbados Diabetes Reversal Study.

He will be missed by his family, friends, medical fraternity and the many lives that he touched throughout his career.

We leave with the words of this Hebrew Proverb.

“Say not in grief he is no more – but live in thankfulness that he was.”


Requiescat in pace.


We welcome you to leave your condolences on this tribute page.





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